A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….


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I am not a real religious person. I am not saying that I don’t believe in god (or a higher power) I just am not really a big bible reading, church going, weekend event participator. But I can say with confidence that I am a truly blessed person. I have a career that I love, and a loving fiancé that is always supporting me and all of my crazy ideas, and he loves me for who I am. I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not just to make him happy. I don’t have to hide who I am because I am afraid that he won’t accept me. There isn’t another person in this world that I could imagine myself with being as comfortable and confident as I am when I am with him.

I have a family that would do practically anything for me….I only know this is a fact because they drove across 2 states to live with me because of my awesome job offer I accepted. Without hesitation they would drop every relationship they formed and every bridge they ever build just to help me do what is best for me. And in return without a second thought I knew the second the job offer was real and they wanted me to move I was taking my whole family with me because I don’t know where I would be without them this is the only group of people I know that has to have each piece of the puzzle in order to be complete, everyone has their place, and everyone has their job, and without this balance there would be complete pandemonium.

I have all the things that seem to be simple in life that are easy to add to a wish list and these are the wishes that everyone wishes for.

I was acquiring all the things that everyone else was dreaming about while not even wishing for them myself, simply because I assumed it would never happen to me. The only good thing about that was the fact that I could never let myself down because my expectation of the outcome was so low, no matter how it turned out it was probably better then what I was imagining. It just goes to show you that I am living proof that there is no reason to stress out on things you cannot control…… because you can’t control them! Don’t worry about things you can’t change…. because you can’t change them!! I believe I am a truly blessed person because I didn’t ask for any of this I just sat back and let life play its course and things seem to be just the way they should be. 🙂


Author: Sharine

24 years old ~ Technical Designer @Boeing

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