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My First Concert

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Well we went to a concert in Kent, WA to see one of me and my boyfriends favorite bands, Rise Against. We took his little sister because she was into the other band that was opening for them “A Day to Remember” I had heard of them but I really never listen to anything except the one popular song “Have Faith in Me” but I like the main vocalist voice a lot so i figured they should be good. Turns out “A Day to Remember” was better then the main band!!! I guess “Rise Against” had been all over the place touring and playing back to back shows for the past 2 weeks straight before they played for us so it was understandable that he sounded a little raspy. It was fun I bought a beer and we had seats so we didn’t have to stand in the crowd of sweat so that was really nice. The thing about “A day to remember” is they really put on a show and keep the crowd interested and entertained. rise has better lyrics and a better voice (when he is well rested) and I still had a better time when A Day to Remember was on stage… I have my new fave band lol. I bought a hoodie (Front / Back) from there I love it. My boyfriend got the Rise Against shirt and it is not his favorite shirt ever. 🙂 Over all had a great time there and would defiantly have to say that my first concert was a complete success!! Cant wait to go to the next one. I was thinking about Nickelback and Seether and Bush Concert coming up.  We shall see……


Author: Sharine

24 years old ~ Technical Designer @Boeing

One thought on “My First Concert

  1. I love the pictures! I enjoyed how you incorporated the stage lighting into your photos. Good job.

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