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Sheer Tiredness

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How is it that someone my age can be as tired as I am?? It’s not that I am lazy and don’t want to move (well that has something to do with it sometimes) I just don’t have the energy. I hear people talking about how they go to work then go party THEN go to work again!?!?!

I am only 22 I should be able to party all weekend and go to work. I would be asleep on my desk!!!

Even women that are in there 60’s are going out and having a better time than me. I am not jealous don’t get me wrong if I was invited out to a club I wouldn’t know what to do with myself because that has never been my scene. Being up in the club never sounded very appealing to me…. All the talk of date rape probably didn’t help its cause either.

Maybe I will get to have a mid life crisis and go buck wild in my mid to late 30’s… sounds like a really good time to  do it at age 29 so  I can blame my immature reckless behavior on my turning 30 and thinking life is over.

I have had a lot of people tell me that I have an old soul… am not really sure if it is a complement or an insult now.

Maybe they were just letting me down easy by letting me know my life is going to be extremely boring. The funny thing is boring is okay with me, I don’t mind boring. It is predictable, steady, and  easy there is no need to really worry because you already know what to expect.

Oh well I don’t mind being tired and boring. Going out to the club is far overrated …


Author: Sharine

24 years old ~ Technical Designer @Boeing

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