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Life really does play out in chapters….


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Riding a vanpool to and from work is an experience all on its own.

I don’t know about you but when I am in a tight space with people that I don’t feel comfortable enough to be touching me. And you are forced to when there is not enough room…. It’s kinda like rape or sexual assault if u think about it u have to pay for someone to touch you inappropriately for an hour or 2 every day…. I mean when u explain it like that without clarifying that you are in a van… It sounds kinda nasty … Illegal even. It does beat the gas at the moment since Washington officially is number one in high gas prices. I think it evens itself out though since minimum wage is higher here than anywhere else in the world .

I only pay about 20 bucks a month so I can be driven from right down the street from my house all the way to the doors of where I work which does not sound like much but when u work in the largest building in the world by volume, and it is highly protected by security, it is not as easy as it sounds to get a ride right up to the door you work at. And parking is any Boeing employees worst nightmare if you work in the Everett factory. There are people that get to work and hour or two before there shift just to sit in the parking lot and wait for a spot. So as long as you don’t mind being smashed in a van like a can of sardines and having to pay monthly to continue being violated I think van pool is a great idea.

Oh and did I mention the continuous country music marathon every morning and every afternoon for the 45 min drive home. Uber fun.

….This is just a taste of what I have to endure……

“Are you ready for Fitz in the morning!!!! Are you ready to brush your teeth!!!! Are you ready!!! ready!!! ready!!! ready!!! Are you ready to start your daaaaaaay!!!!”

Picture that being sung to you by the church choir at 6am…. If I am lucky he gets there a few minutes early so I can plug my ears with headphones before I hear that annoyingly catchy tune.

I am sure you are familiar with the phrase “stinky kid in class” well I am unsure of who the stinky culprit it in my van…. but there is one. Recently the smell has dissipated but there is no excuse as to why you should let things get that out of hand. You may think I am being mean but you obviously have not had to sit next to someone else’s BO for an hour. There is just no excuse I know when I stink whether my nose is clogged or not I know body and I know when it is time to wash my ass. Maybe the guy did take a shower and it was just his clothes… well still no excuse….. wash your clothes!!!!


Author: Sharine

24 years old ~ Technical Designer @Boeing

One thought on “Vanpool

  1. This made me smile! Nicely written!! 😉

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