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My Engagement Ring


My Engagement Ring, it has a blue heart shaped gem but I don’t mind being a little different and not having the traditional diamond wedding ring.

I almost lost my engagement ring was almost lost forever when I moved up to Washington.

Being in the tight financial situation that I was in at the time I had to pawn my rings so that I could make it up to Washington from California with my family for a job. When I took them down to the pawn shop I had ever intention of getting them out the first chance I got… but once I got up to Washington and I realized how far away my rings really were and how much it would cost to get them out and get them to me so I quickly realized that looking or new rings was going to be my only option…..

…. they story does not end badly though I got my rings back eventually by paying the interest a few times and having my mother in law fly out there and pick them up (since she had some things down there it was not a big deal)

But anyways… back to the reason why I was writing this post in the first place was to share this amazing site I found called “Green Lake Jewelry Works” with the most beautiful rings I have ever seen I really missed my engagement ring when it was  not on my finger… but I would not have missed it quite as much if I got one of these beautiful rings.

Organic 950 Palladium Cathedral Mounting

Organic 950 Platinum 4-Prong Trellis Mounting

Antique 6 Prong Mounting

950 Palladium Pierced Carved Floral Mounting


Author: Sharine

24 years old ~ Technical Designer @Boeing

2 thoughts on “My Engagement Ring

  1. I agree, I love the fancy antique look! Pretty!

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