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Wedding Syndrome

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I know I am planning to get married soon, so I was looking at all kinds of different wedding ideas. I am not going to have a big wedding so I can pretty much do anything. I know there won’t be lots of guest to worry about entertaining so there really won’t be too much to do.

While I sift through all these extravagant wedding ideas I started thinking to myself why would anyone get a wedding dress that you can’t even do the one thing you need to do in it …. Walk. So you’re telling me it is perfectly sane to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a dress that you can’t walk in so that you can walk down the aisle. Hhhmmm…. Makes since if you don’t think about it. I guess women think they look really good when they can’t breathe or move.

I’m sure she could move very well and sitting on all those feathers was not uncomfortable in any way… but who cares the audience loved it!!

Some women buy such a ridiculous dress that they have to buy another one just to wear after they say their vows, so they spent all that money to look beautiful in that dress for not one day, not one night, but just about 30 min to an hour tops, then they will get some other gown on. WOW. That wouldn’t make me feel special it would make me feel stupid because I am not only showing everyone that I consciously  picked out a ridiculous dress that was uncomfortable and new was not functional but I though why not spend more money on another expensive dress for me to eat it and dance in….. that does not make you look like you are a good planner, it does not make you look like a celebrity that had to do a costume change, it makes you look like an idiot. God forbid you don’t feel the need to purchase the second dress and you are unable to even enjoy your own wedding because you are inappropriately dress isn’t that ironic.We are not in the 1800’s we don’t have to wear ball gowns to get married.

I am sure he is thrilled she just wanted to be the biggest pink princess on her wedding day.

I don’t mean to sound like the Grinch of weddings but I really don’t understand what the fuss is all over. You can make things special without having to make everyone uncomfortable. You can have a great time with family without following a specific schedule so tight that no one can take bathroom breaks until the allotted bathroom breaking time or else the entire ceremony is in ruins. You can look beautiful without looking like an old Victorian Queen. You want to looks like someone that your fiancé is never going to see again huh. Because let’s be honest unless you get a spur up your ass to really go all out for Halloween you are never going to looks like you did on your wedding day. You really want to show him this Barbie doll side of you that you will never show him again. Kinda sounds like a sick game  if you ask me. But I’m sure lots of girls spend thousands of dollars to maintain the look that they put on for their husband the day they got married, that wasn’t just a once time thing…. I’m sure she will look like that every day of your marriage. LOL

Or is that why people do so much for that one day it’s like telling your partner, “Okay this is as good as it’s every gonna get so let’s promise to never be with anyone else from now on.”

Unless you are a superstar or have a large inheritance to just go blow your engagement ring shouldn’t be anything that extravagant either. I do think that spending a little more on the ring is not a bad thing if you can afford to do it because it is something that she is going to look down and see for the rest of her life. But as far as the wedding day itself I can’t get over how people take this as an opportunity to have a heart attack and stress themselves out to the point where you don’t even what to marry the other person anymore.



Author: Sharine

24 years old ~ Technical Designer @Boeing

One thought on “Wedding Syndrome

  1. Totally agree with you! It’s so true. If somebody is a millionaire then inguess its ok to spend a ton of money on the big day but I’ve seen people who don’t have it, practically bankrupt themselves for the sake of a few hours. It amazes me!! Wedding day should be a happy family occasion and definitely free of stress!

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