A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….

Can’t Believe it

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There is actually some country songs that I think are worth sharing…. WHAT??!?! Didn’t I tell myself that I was not going to listen to some guy cry about his tractor, and his dog.

This guy is what i picture when I think of country music……


These songs I stumbled across on the van ride to and from work. Since I ride in a vanpool I don’t get to decide what is going to be played on the radio. Good beat, great voices, not to twangy, and lyrics are something that anyone that has ever had someone special can relate to. What could go wrong there.

I Promise I will not be posting a lot of county but these ones were totally worth the 2 seconds it takes to throw a blog together. 😉

Josh Turner – Time Is Love

Kenny Chesney – Come Over

…..The women’s bathing suit in this video is just too awesome….



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