A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….



Okay so I started using E-cigs (Electronic Cigarettes) or vape pen in replacement of smoking cigarettes to help me stop smoking completely …. eventually. I unlike most, didn’t do as much research as I should have before starting them. I listened to what other people had to say about them and said “sign me up!”

After I got one my mom asked me what do you really know about those though?

Good question…

I wondered why the FDA had not approved them yet and realized this has been an ongoing battle for the E-cig business. I wont go into depth about the entire history, I will just say its been going on for years and the FDA seems to keep finding reasons why they are too scared to invest in this “replacement” or whatever they would like to call the E-cigs.

WebMD tried to get some answers and all the FDA could say it that they don’t have proof of what just nicotine will do to people. They have lots of proof of what smoking cigarettes will do but they have 4,000 chemicals and 43 carcinogens that the E-cig does not.

Alright I see your point FDA … the unknown is scary…. but you know what really grinds my gears


They did just so happen to approve this little side project that sounds an awful lot like an E-cig only its in the form of an inhaler… hhhmmm … interesting.

Nicotrol is a nicotine inhaler made by Pfizer.

But I was under the impression that the FDA didn’t want to jump on the pure nicotine replacements bandwagon because they are not tested and side effects are unknown.

Well some of the side effects from Nicotrol is headache, nausea, mouth, tooth,throat pain, cough, runny and or stuffy nose, change in taste, heartburn, hiccups, sweating, or diarrhea, and the very serious side effects, including: chest pain, confusion, severe headache, fast/irregular/pounding heartbeat, slurred speech, weakness on one side of the body I personally have never had any of these side effects from just puffing on my vape pen nor have I heard of anyone having side effects this severe from smoking a vape pen.

Also E-cig backers try to argue that it is also more environmentally friendly to because you replace parts less often than you are throwing butts out the window or into the landfills. Yet when I read about the inhaler replacement Nicotrol it says after using the inhaler for a total of 20 minutes, remove the used cartridge and throw it away. Where do they think they are throwing it? But hey Pfizer is behind it, so it must be good for ya right!

I know I can’t be the only one that thinks that is a little fishy. I don’t know everything that is going on behind the scenes but I feel like there is something they are not telling me about this E-cig battle of approval.

Here are some fun movies that highlight a little bit of the behind the scenes of what I think is really going on when things get approved and or not approved…

Love and Other Drugs (Trailer)

Thank You For Smoking (Trailer)

**These are not documentaries and are not to be interpreted as such**



Author: Sharine

24 years old ~ Technical Designer @Boeing

4 thoughts on “WTF FDA

  1. E-cigs seem safe to me. They even have ones that don’t have any nicotine in them.

    • Yes! And the liquid used is food grade! I don’t understand why they have such a problem with people trying to get off cigarettes you would think they would be the first ones trying to get this approved ASAP. But I guess cigarettes make a lot of money for them and also help with that pesky population control they have been trying to fix!.

    • ….. and also thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

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