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How’s This For An Argument


Why do I feel like no one has every thought of things this way before….. but what if…




…. Let the comments begin I’m sure I will never hear the end of this post. I feel like it needed to be said though because everyone always picks a side but what if there were no sides to pick?

What if we are all on the same side and had nothing to fight about at all?

Evolution VS God Documentary 




Author: Sharine

24 years old ~ Technical Designer @Boeing

7 thoughts on “How’s This For An Argument

  1. I’m just curious about what you mean by that statement. It’s quite vague and could have all sorts of interpretations. To name but a few, does it mean we should be praising evolution as the thing responsible for us? Does it mean that it’s more than most people think it is, with some sort of intelligence or goal?

    • What I mean is I think people have been looking at things like there are two sides to this story… There shouldn’t be any argument between god and evolution because I believe they are the same thing.

      • But what does it even mean to say they are the same thing?

      • I’m saying the argument is the same. The story that they are telling is the same it just feels like there are 2 people telling the same story 2 different ways. It’s just my opinion.

      • Evolution is God rather then vs god … I know it’s a strange topic to wrap your head around but it’s just a thought that came to me while watching a debate over the two.

      • I think then what I’m asking is “what do you mean by god”? Because evolution has no intelligence, plan or any of the other characteristics usually ascribed to such a being

  2. God is the designer that set evolution in motion. Many faiths, I agree ,argue that life was created in 7 days by God. Evolutionists argue the opposite. Your idea is perfectly plausible, reasonable and I like it.

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