A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….

Links That We Love


8 Ball Pool


Best Wallpapers



Project Free TV



OVGuide (Search Engine for Shows and Movies Online)

 Online Radio Stations that Rock 

99.9 (Seattle) 

103.9 (Inland Empire) 

Time Wasters 

Touch Effects

Attractors Trip (Google Experiment) 

Sticky Thing (Google Experiment) 

Personal Apology (Just for you) 😉







Boeing News 

If you never clicked the “More” button on Google you are looking at the internet through infants eyes

My Post Links 

Best Underplayed & Worse Overplayed Songs on YouTube

Summer is Officially Over!

I think I’m Regressing

I’m So Ronery …

Funniest Ride Ever …

Breaking Writers Block By Just Writing

Forget Road Rage… I Have Computer Rage!!

Hurry Up and Wait

Smoking Conundrum 

First Friday Alone

Our 4th of July

If It’s So Much Fun, Why Don’t You Do It?!?!?

Too Much Too Fast?

An Adolescence Story

I Heart My Plane

Oh No They Found It

iPad or Nexus 7

My Amazing Life


People Like it That Much???

Gotta Love Washington State

The Fad

Jokes on Me

Damn them Catchy Tunes

Déjà vu

They Call That Entertainment????

Technology’s Luxurious Addictions

Wedding Syndrome 

Washington Weather 

My Engagement Ring 


Sheer Tiredness 

My 2 Year Plan

Social Networking Sites 

Another day in Paradise 

First Concert 

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