A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….

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New Haircut

New haircuts are always fun but we either end up with something we totally love or something that we totally hate. I haven’t been ballsy enough to cut drastic amounts of hair off nor have I been daring enough to die my hair in the fear that if I do it I will never get my original hair color back. Which is an irrational and childish thought since I know it will grow back.

Well last night my mother in law and I were talking and I mentioned to her that when she cut her daughters bangs they came out really good and I was thinking about doing bangs but I was a little iffy since I have naturally curly hair and I didn’t want them to get scrunched up and stuck in a weird position. While I was explaining all this to her she is gathering up the tools needed to just chop my hair off right where I was sitting!!

I let her and they came out good I like them, and they didn’t scrunch up and leave me with little inch long curled up bangs either. But I haven’t had bangs in a long time… around 10 years. Also I am used to being one of the people who tend to run their fingers though their hair all the time so this is a whole new sensation I have to get used to now having hair in my face but it is supposed to be there and I can’t really run my fingers though my hair or else it just throws the bangs all to hell.

One thing I noticed is that no matter how hard you try to reassure yourself you are convinced that your bangs look something like this all day long….