A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….

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Best Underplayed & Worst Overplayed Songs on YouTube

After looking at some of the videos on YouTube trying to find some new music to listen to, I started looking in the “most popular” categories and “most viewed” categories and after a few really bad songs like “Gangnam Style”  I realized that my faith in humanity was slowly diminishing, the more YouTube suggested that I might like this. In case you are not familiar with this huge fail song here it is….. Don’t say I didn’t warn you of the lameness.

Which has 264,422,519 views and he is not even speaking in English.

The only way this is acceptable is if it were a parody.

I think there is some really good music out there that is not being heard because we get crap like this leaked into our ears getting stuck in our heads and tainting our ideas of what “music” really is.

I remember back in the good old days when music had to make since it also had to have some sort of meaning, something that the audience can relate to and sing along to with raw emotion.

I will admit not all the songs I listen to have the deepest meaning I listen to them because they have a good beat but it is still by an artist that is not completely worthless in their song writing abilities.

There is a bad that I recently came across and was astonished by the small amount of people who had listen to him. I was also surprised to see that almost everyone that had clicked on him to view him liked what they heard.

Passenger – Let her go (only 224,911 views as of 9/24/12)


“Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it’s starts to snow
Only know your lover when you let her go

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missin’ home
Only know your lover when you’ve let her go…
And you let her go”

Now I may not be into all the brits music but this guys has a peaceful beautiful voice that just makes you want to keep listening. I can’t believe someone like this with all that natural talent has not completely blown up but someone like Nicki Minaj can get millions of records sold… because of what… just a catchy beat, because the lyrics are not something to be proud of.

Example of all the ridiculousness:

Nicki’s Lyrics to “Super Bass” (280,066,357 Views on YouTube)

“He got that super bass

Boom, Badoom, Boom,

Boom, Badoom, Boom, bass

yeah that’s that super bass”

Yes she made millions on not even saying real words.

Justin Bieber’s  “Baby” (781,726,935 Views on YouTube)

“And I was like
Baby, baby, baby ooh
Baby, baby, baby noo
Baby, baby, baby ohh
I thought you’d always be mine (mine)
Baby, baby, baby ohh
Baby, baby, baby noo
Baby, baby, baby ohh
I thought you’d always be mine (mine)”

Yes, he said “baby” 18 times in one chorus. And Yes it is also the most viewed video on YouTube. 

That’s all it takes to make millions of dollars now a days. At least people have come to their scenes and now he has over 2 million dislikes on the song but that’s still no excuse for there to be almost a billion hits on YouTube for it. When you see that it’s defiantly one of those “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” kind of times.

I also heard some of Flyleaf’s new songs and became very fond of one of them….

Flyleaf – New Horizon (2012)

While I was listening to her new music I found some of the older stuff I liked too

Flyleaf – Missing 2010
Flyleaf – Sorrow 2008

Another band that is not the most popular has released a new song that I think is pretty catchy not too strangely worded and its something with a beat and a decent voice whats could go wrong. 😉

Civil Twilight – River (2012)

I’m just saying we might need to start getting off the radio buzz and the Google+ “Trending Topics” and go digging for artists that are really artists. We don’t need to be tricked and brainwashed by our TV and radio to listen to Justin Bieber.

I hope I have exposed you to a few songs you might not have heard before and might like, or maybe you hated it but it got you thinking about just exploring some new stuff. Good luck on your YouTube adventures.


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Summer is Officially Over!

Well Summer has come to an end, and the cold fall and winter lay ahead.

Living in California you hardly noticed the seasons change from hot to hotter, and back to hot again.

Here in Washington that is a different story, during the winter people stay inside and most of the time because of the poor weather, but even if you wanted to go out, there was not much time for you to get the chance to be in sunlight (Well if you have a day job at least). I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, during the time in between I work in a building with no windows so the only chance I get to go outside is my 40 min lunch break, and usually this place is just starting to thaw by 11 am. I take advantage of the break and get a little sun while I can but I am not like most of these Washingtonians that would miss a day of work because the weather guy says “SUNNY AND HOT.” FYI there idea of “hot” is about 80-85 degrees, which isn’t that hot if you are from Palm Springs like me where it gets hot enough to fry and egg on the sidewalk.

So far we have gone 48 days without rain but there was a little sprinkle last night and this morning but it’s just morning dew compared to the rain we normally have so in my opinion it doesn’t really count as rain. The record for Seattle area is 51 days. Not very long when you think that California can go the full 360 without a drop. In Palm Springs (about and hour away from where I lived)  they, on average, get 350 days of sunshine year round!

Back to the cold we go but its fine with me after being born and raised in the sunshine state I am the only one in Washington that misses the misty, foggy days!!

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Just a Trip to the Doctors Office

Living in Washington State is amazing you can snap a beautiful shot of some amazing landscape scenes and you were only on your way to the doctors office. There are so many moments I am riding in the Vanpool, and I am just dying to take a picture of some of the beautiful things I get to see just on my way to work in the morning.



Washington Weather

Before I moved to Washington I had no idea what the weather was going to be like so I started asking around to see what kind of experiences people had while they visited the place. A few people said they came up during the summer months for a few weeks to go camping and hiking and they said the weather was up and down but mostly nice. You could just wear a light jacket and be fine no matter where you went. They made the place sound amazing I really do their story no justice.

Another person told me that I should think about buying a better car something like a truck just so I could survive the winter since I was going to be moving not just visiting. So be this point I had very conflicting stories. I got a pretty straight answer from my schools councilor she said that she almost moved up her but she had to convince her husband by tricking him into visiting the place every summer, this worked out for them since they were teachers but not all summers here are wonderful and he got a taste of what Washington was all about when he came even in the summer it was cold and rainy. She told me simply when it is nice, it is realty nice, when it is bad, it’s pretty bad. So again good incite but still I felt conflicted.

So I was anticipating thunder storms, lighting, snow, sleet and hail by the time I was moving up here but I was pleasantly surprised when I got here and realized that it was beautiful. I arrived in July so I was lucky I didn’t get here in the middle of winter or something. But when I got here it was slightly misting and the sky was overcast.  I was in love…I came out of California where it was 90 and up and constantly baking you. The only relief was to sit in front of the air conditioner. Even when you took a shower just to cool off you were sweating after you got out, before you even got dressed.

Once I got here people started asking me “So how do you like the weather so far?” and I think it shocked them when I would tell them that I loved it!  I have had enough sun to last me a lifetime I don’t mine going outside and it is overcast so I am not blinded the second I walk out of the house every morning. I also don’t mind it being in the 50’s most days because it is much easier to get relief from the cold by wearing appropriate clothes. Once you acclimated to the weather you can just wear a hoodie and jeans and be just fine.  Try to acclimate to the weather when it is 95 outside… I don’t care if your naked it’s still hot. As soon as you go into a nice air condition building and you have to walk back outside you get that nice wave of suffocating heat to great you at the door every time.

I think it is just wonderful here because you actually get to enjoy all of the seasons.  It is a little bipolar though it can be raining while the sun is out.

Its raining with beautiful blue skies

Washington has different weather all over but I am in Western Washington I am close to the coast so when it is a nice 75 degrees outside I can head down to the beach which is littered with shells for us me and my daughter to collect and really cool rocks it is just a good time every time we go …..

Howarth Park

Howarth Park

We can head Down to the city and make a day of it. Seattle is amazing it is the greenest city I’ve ever seen. and it seems like there is always something going on always something to do we went down there one day just to check out the sites and see what the city was like and we stumbled upon a festival and had a great time.

Seattle Center

Seattle Center

In the winter time we can enjoy the colder weather and still have fun. it is easy to get warm when you are cold just put a jacket on or sit in front of the fire and defrost, or you can just drink coffee like everyone else up here it is there one weakness everything in Washington would come to a screeching halt if someone came in and took away there coffee. There is a coffee house on nearly every corner here so you wont have to worry about staying warm. Oh and there are plenty of baristas coffee shops out there for all the guys

Halie building a snow man on the first snowy day

Fishing lake at Jennings Park

My Snow Covered Driveway

My back porch riddled with huge icicles

So it turns out all the rumors I heard were just that rumors because I see nothing wrong with the weather up here… I love it 🙂