A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….

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Thanksgiving Meme Time



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Thanks South Park ….




Thanks Honey Boo Boo for taking TV to a whole new low. It just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you look like… anyone can make it on to TV now-a-days.

South Park hit the nail on the head with this one they always over exaggerate their skits to make the ridiculously hilarious but they really didn’t have to use much imagination the comedy was already there

Thanks South Park for helping us to realize that we have reached an all time low.

Places to watch the episode. 🙂 Enjoy

South Park – Raising the Bar (South Park Studio’s)

YouTube Part 1 

YouTube Part 2 


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Funniest Ride Ever …

……….Me and my boyfriend are Perfect for each other ………

……The BEST car ride of my life ……

Trying to stuff a 20 piece chicken McNugget in our face on that way home from McDonald’s because we didn’t buy everyone enough!!!

God I wish I had YouTubed that moment !!!

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Inspirational Songs To Help Get Through The Day

Everyone needs a little pick me up every once in a while. I may not like all of these artist songs but these ones had lyrics that i think just about anyone could relate to, so whether you into rock, rap, or pop, this list has something inspirational for you. 😉

Rap/ R&B 

Gym Class Heroes: The Fighter ft. Ryan Tedder

(As stated best in the first comment “….the definition of motivational music”

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars


Pink –F*cking Perfect

Katy Perry – Firework

Lady Gaga – Born That Way

Mariah Carey – Hero

LMAFO – Sexy and I Know It

Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

Rock/ Alternative 

Rise Against – Make it Stop (September Children)

Rise Against – Satellite


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Forget Road Rage… I Have Computer Rage!!

There are very few if any keys on a keyboard that are completely useless, but I have grown to absolutely hate the Num Lock button. Now most of you are thinking, “why I hardly use that button?” Well I will tell you this weather you use it a lot or only once or twice, I bet the only time you push it is out of anger.

Let me explain…. The num pad obviously has numbers and that the most likely function you are going to use it for. And since you see Numbers written largely and the words and arrows on the keys are small your brain automatically assumes that when you push those buttons numbers will appear on the screen. So then why in god name does the keyboard default to having the num lock turned off, as if we use 7 and 1 for “home” and “end” all the flippin time, when there is  a home and end button dedicated to just that function closer then the 7 and the 1.

Maybe this is just something personal with me and my keyboard and no one else goes through this problem, and most of you don’t even understand what I am saying. But haven’t you been in the situation where all you want to do is use the number key pad to make entering numbers faster and by force of habit you just start typing and your flippin screen starts going up and down page up, page down…. You freak out and bang on the num lock pad and look at your key board like it should have known better.

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If It’s So Much Fun, Why Don’t You Do It?!?!?

Well thank god it is Saturday I do have to say that I love my job but I can’t stand being here!!! Something about being behind a desk just makes you insane. I am a computer person don’t get me wrong I can spend a weekend on the computer and be completely satisfied, and having a good time, but stick me on a computer behind a desk at work…. it will slowly drive you insane. You find yourself looking at the clock all the time on your work computer, but as soon as you get home you could easily lose 4 hours on Memebase or Stumbleupon.

Now, you would think that since I am on a computer all day, that once I get home I would not want to be on one. Well you would be wrong. I want to be on the computer even more just so I can finally do what I want to do, like Facebook, Twitter, Miniclips, all the fun stuff I can’t do at work even though I am on a computer.

One thing that drives me nuts is when you have a bad day at work or you wake up in the morning and you don’t really want to be awake at 4am and so you complain a little on your Facebook or your Twitter just to vent… Don’t you just hate when someone goes on and decides they are going to comment on your status and let you know that you are blessed to have to wake up every morning and go to work….. these people obviously don’t work….or they are a part of the small percentage of us that wake up at the crack of dawn with enthusiasm.

I appreciate my job and all the money that I get from it, so I can go out and enjoy some of the material things in life, we all do, but no one wants to be alive for any reason at 4am unless you are some sort of masochist. I  have always loved sleep, we all need it… but I yearn for it. I would live in my bed forever if I could, being surrounded by my pillows and blankies, like I am in a pillow fortress.

They get it ….

Community: Season 3, Episode 14
Pillows and Blankets

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iPad or Nexus 7

Nexus 7 vs iPad

Which one would you get??? I wanted the iPad just because there was nothing really like it, but I really want all that thrilled about spending all that money on something like that. 250 bucks though…. for the same thing the iPad has to offer, how can you not jump at the opportunity!!! Now it kinda makes me want to boycott Apple because they were about to rake me over the coals for there damn iPad.

You can get the same amount of HD (hard drive) space for half the price. Apple is charging 499$ for the cheapest Wi-Fi only 16g HD iPad. You can get the same thing from Google for 250$ and this is before the thing even hits the shelf!?!?!?! For anyone that is a Google chrome user this is going to make your day and you will never want the iPad again!!

If you want to see more about the Nexus 7 click here.

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They Call That Entertainment????

The film industry has really gone to shit in the last few years, which is really disappointing since the special effects has gotten better you would think that the movie makers would really get to express their true imagination. I guess there are a few exceptions to my previous statement there are some breath taking scenes in some of the newer movies that took advantage of digital art. For example Avatar,  it was an ok movie I can’t stay it was horrible but the special effects were really good and if it was not for all the computer animated scenes in that movie it really would have been horrible. Or Transformers, I am usually not to fond of “remake” movies that have been done before and they feel they can improve on them with the digital technology we have now. But Transformers was a pretty good one, the special effects were good, story has been done a thousand times though…. the worlds in danger of being destroyed / taken over, and only one person can save us all. Highly played out but still nicely portrayed in that movie.

Older movies had a lot of potential because that was back the day where directors couldn’t rely on flashy lights and computers generated images to keep people entertained they really had to come up with something no one has ever done before, and tell the audience a story that they will never forget, a story that makes them think twice, a story people could relate to, or a story that made your heart melt.

Nowadays you are lucky to find a comedy movie that makes you laugh or a horror movie that makes you jump. All the scary movies are not scary any more just creepy and disgusting. Gore in a film does not make it horrifying it just makes it gross and we know it is far from real when someone barley hits their head on the counter and become decapitated and blood squirts 35 feet away from the body. If you are going to make a movie full of gore then at least have the decency to make it realistic.

Don’t get me wrong there have been a few creepy movies that were pretty good like “The Devil Inside”, very creepy I think there was even one point where I jumped once. It is movies like “The Human Centipede” (there is even a sequel to this horrifying, not horrifying in a good way, movie “The Human Centipede 2”) that really make me angry you just wasted and hour and half of your life that you will never get back watching some guy be disgusting with his deepest darkest thoughts. eeewww

One of the more dark directors/producers that actually know how to take his imagination and put in on the big screen… Tim Burton. I think that anyone can agree that even if you don’t like them all there is at least one Tim Burton film that you or your children love. He portrays a darker world view on things but it is not so far out there that it makes you uncomfortable to watch. I mean honestly I felt dirty after watching “The Human Centipede” at least Tim Burton’s idea of dark will still make you laugh along the way. Who has not seen:

 “Corpse Bride”

“James and the Giant Peach”

“The Nightmare before Christmas”

“Batman Returns”

“Edward Scissorhands”

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

“Sleepy Hallow”


All these movies were great movies that you could watch again and again, share them with friends and family, and save them in a collection for your kids (or maybe just your collection).

There are some good comedies but not many they keep trying to make really lame movies that have the same dick and fart jokes as the last one. I like very blunt humor when someone says what everyone else is thinking. But one thing I do not like is the punch line humor / slap stick whatever you want to call it, so the TV shows that have the fake canned laughter in background every time they say something remotely funny. Shows like Arrested Development or Community  are funny. Or if you want something more serious shows like Breaking Bad are great very suspenseful and you never know what I going to happen. Or you can always go for an oldie but goodie like Law and Order SVU.

There are very few good TV shows on any more either. I know a lot of people like this show by honestly who can really sit through an episode of Glee, When I get home from work I don’t really want to sit through an entire episode of singing, dancing, idiots, and though I have never watched a full show (only saw the TV commercials) how good can the story line be for a weekly TV show musical…honestly just the category it is in…. NUF SAID. I didn’t enjoy the commercials for High School Musical and that was only 20 seconds long I highly doubt I would enjoy 30 min of it in a glee episode.

I’m sure someone will try to read this and try to convince me of all the things I am missing on Glee and what a great show it really is and how everyone gives it a bad rap because the burst out into spontaneous song and dance throughout the show. And for that person I say this…. Can you honestly say that you can explain the plot from glee without sounding like a person trying to explain the details from the show Lost.


The show lost was so complex they had to have break through episodes to explain what is going on and why, as well as have bubbles pop up in some episodes with a side not letting the audience know what is happening. If you must have a caption under every scene explaining what they are doing and why as well as the history of blah blah blah…. Then it is not that good of a show to begin with. I am not saying all people are idiots and can’t follow along with a complex story line but I don’t want to give myself a migraine just trying to figure out a TV show. I also don’t want to have to purchase the guide to understanding lost book just so I can follow along with the show. I am dedicating 30-60 min of my life just so that I can watch this show that is all dedication I have to donate to a show.