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Life really does play out in chapters….

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Forget Road Rage… I Have Computer Rage!!

There are very few if any keys on a keyboard that are completely useless, but I have grown to absolutely hate the Num Lock button. Now most of you are thinking, “why I hardly use that button?” Well I will tell you this weather you use it a lot or only once or twice, I bet the only time you push it is out of anger.

Let me explain…. The num pad obviously has numbers and that the most likely function you are going to use it for. And since you see Numbers written largely and the words and arrows on the keys are small your brain automatically assumes that when you push those buttons numbers will appear on the screen. So then why in god name does the keyboard default to having the num lock turned off, as if we use 7 and 1 for “home” and “end” all the flippin time, when there is  a home and end button dedicated to just that function closer then the 7 and the 1.

Maybe this is just something personal with me and my keyboard and no one else goes through this problem, and most of you don’t even understand what I am saying. But haven’t you been in the situation where all you want to do is use the number key pad to make entering numbers faster and by force of habit you just start typing and your flippin screen starts going up and down page up, page down…. You freak out and bang on the num lock pad and look at your key board like it should have known better.



Technology’s Luxurious Addiction

Not that long ago luxuries such as the computer, the internet, and Google, didn’t exist, and now I ask myself “how did we ever function without it. I only recently got a cell phone, when I started working I bought a Smartphone…. HTC Evo 4G to be exact. (yeah, I didn’t go cheap) Anyways, I was one of those people that shook their heads when I saw some idiot paying more attention to their phone then the world around them. Or taking a picture instead of just enjoying the moment. I never understood what was so damn interesting about some stupid little box. There is no way it does all the things my computer does. Granted they may not do EVERYTHING but it is pretty damn close to it. It does all the dumb things that I want to do at least. Turns out the damn things are like crack, once you take a hit your constantly searching for more.

all those hands reaching to take a picture with there Smartphone…wait… is that an ipad… wow… I bet your having a good time holding that up….

But when I got my phone things soon changed. My life suddenly revolved around the phone and its precise location because I would kill myself if I lost it. (actually I would kill whoever GPS led me to… but that’s beside the point) My phone was asking me all kinds of questions about me, and what did, I want for this, and what I want for that. You can customize everything, and being a designer at heart you know I had to spend the first day just adjusting, tweeking, syncing, practically making a mirror image of my personality shaped like a phone. Finally once it got to know me I couldn’t let it out of my sight… BECAUSE IT KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT ME NOW!!!! The longer you have it the worse it gets because the more you personalize and change things just the way you want them.

Can you say… Addicted ….

So at this point, the sheer thought of losing your phone sends chills down your spine right?

Well that finally happened to me I have had my phone almost a year now and I finally almost lost it today. I knew within 2 min of not having it with me I lost it. In the morning when I was waiting for the vanpool to come and pick me up I always play on my phone. Well once they arrived I stuck my phone in my jacket pocket instead of my back pocket…… and I bet you can guess what happened next. After getting out of the van I was walking up the steps and not even 5 steps up, I got to check for my phone…. And it’s gone…… OMG …. My heart dropped. I soon realized it was in the van so I text the driver and let him know I left my phone and please check for it. He text back, “are you sure you brought it…. I don’t see it anywhere.” Back came the terror. I felt like an idiot if I had just put it in the normal pocket I would not feel sick to my stomach because I just lost my phone. The story has a happy ending though I met up with the van after work and found it. But I had to spend the entire day without it and thinking I lost it so now it is literally attached to my hip on a clip so this puppies not going anywhere ever again.

I never thought I would be one of those people that feels reliant on their phone but I have to say I know I can live without one, but I just don’t want to anymore.