A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….

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My Amazing Life

I have never been more proud of my family and all that they have accomplished, including myself I have almost made it one year at Boeing, my fiancé just heard the news that he will also be working for a fortune 500 company called Softlayer. Just one year after moving here we have a great house, and jobs, I just don’t think it gets better than that.

Then I get a call from mom saying that she was the main feature in the Sun Newspaper because she graduated from Drug Court. I am so proud of her because I was really scared a year ago to leave her as she was just picking up the pieces left from her addiction and I was not going to be there to support her in any way other than a phone call or a text.  She did it all on her own and I am so proud, it the first time I feel like I can truly trust in her independence.

I have never been as happy as I am today, just to know that all these things in my life that I worried would never come together have finally started to work out. You are told from a young age that things are going to be hard, and it teaches you to expect the worst. Happiness becomes a dream and dream we learn are usually unachievable.  I am just happy that the things that seem simple as a child like finding love, work, and housing have come together and worked out so beautifully.

As kids we think it’s easy all you have to be is grown up and it just happens, as we grow we realize it doesn’t. We see from examples from our friends, going from one bad relationship to another and never finding happiness. We see it in our parents when they struggle to keep jobs, or struggle to find them. Though I struggle to get where I am it’s nothing compared to what most people go through, I got my job after one interview, and it was my first interview EVER!! My fiancé as well, his first interview he got the job too!! I just think it is amazing the way my life is going.


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My 2 year plan

Well since I am 22 I should have a 5 year plan like a normal functional human being of society. I never


About a year into our relationship was when this picture was taken.

really put much though into one because I never really liked holding high expectations for anything because the more you want it, the more it hurts when you don’t get what you wanted. I like looking at things like this…. if you don’t expect it to happen in the first place and what do you know …nothing happened, then you’re right, you feel like a fortune teller because you already knew that wasn’t going to work out. And if it does then you are not mad because you’re wrong the thing you never expected to happen just happened so it’s kind of a win- win situation. You’re either proven right… or things work out in your favor.

Nevertheless I am making a 2 year plan whether or not it will happen for me no one knows. My first life goal is not even for me, it is for my fiancé…..

My fiancé finishing his bachelors. (since he is only 2 quarters away.)

Once he is finished with school getting a good job won’t be hard for him because in his profession he basically needs a bachelors and or 5 to 10 years experience. I will talk to a councilor at the school to see what I can do about paying my loans back so I don’t have to worry about that biting be in the butt later.

Start Repaying Student Loans

Once my finances have been established, and are stable I think getting married is long overdue. We have been together for 6 years on December 31, 2012. I think we deserve to finally tie the knot there have been so many obstacles holding us back from getting married and we have pushed right though them coming out together in the end. Now after being though all of that with him I could not imagine my life without him.

Get Married

First comes love…. Then comes marriage… we all know what comes next. I am hoping that all the things that I wanted happen within the next year or 2 because I really want to wait until the perfect time to do this goal…..

Have Jacob’s Baby!!

I want to have his baby I feel ready and though I am young I think it is better I will have it while I have the energy and stamina to keep up with a toddler. I always thought I was one of those people that were never going to have kids and I was going to live in a big city condo on my own. Well things didn’t work out as planned and that is probably what made me stop planning and expecting perfection. But unlike the big city dream this is achievable, and I am actually really excited to get this plan into action. I think one of the happiest moments I am hanging on to in order to making me keep pushing to achieve these goals is the moment when my fiancé is smiling holding my stomach thinking about our baby.