A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….


How’s This For An Argument

Why do I feel like no one has every thought of things this way before….. but what if…




…. Let the comments begin I’m sure I will never hear the end of this post. I feel like it needed to be said though because everyone always picks a side but what if there were no sides to pick?

What if we are all on the same side and had nothing to fight about at all?

Evolution VS God Documentary 




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Oh No They Found It

Atom Collider

It is amazing that we now know what holds the universe together the aka “god particle” but… the only thing this left me wondering is if it’s not going to affect our daily lives an any way then why did we really need to know this is the first place.

There has been big talk ever since the atom collider came out that it had the possibility to destroy the earth by creating a black hole and sucking us into it. So if there is a risk that big you would think there would be some sort of HUGE reason behind it that out weighted the risk. I mean they did spend millions if not billions to create this and research this… my only concern is why aren’t they telling us what they are really trying to do with all this once they find it. I know I am making it sound like one big conspiracy, but that is just where my mind went when he talks about it not changing our daily lives, that is reassuring but also unsettling at the same time … for me at least.

….Scary but interesting at the same time ….