A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….

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An Adolescence Story

I know everyone has been beaten to death with this subject but I have to say something about it. I feel almost obligated to at the very least give my story and my opinion, since I am someone that is speaking from experience.

Recently I have been seeing shows like “Teen Mom” or “16 and Pregnant” and I see the way that people perceive these girls. They think of them as dumb sluts, or abused children that want attention or someone to love them. In many cases I am sure that’s true because I have watched the shows and see what comes out of the mouths of these immature, inexperienced, babies having babies. So I am sure that the statistics are somewhat true when they say that less than 2% of the teen moms that get pregnant don’t graduate from school, but honestly is that really just because of the baby or were they already the type of person to give up, they just needed a reason? Everyone immediately assumes that as soon as you have a baby that young you have completely ruined your life and you will never return.

I am not saying that I am a supporter of teen sex or pregnancy because I do think there are a lot of dumb teens that will eventually mess up their entire life and blame it on the baby, when really they didn’t sound like they were going to be upstanding citizens in the first place, baby or not.

I guess I must be the rare exception to the statistic, because I had my daughter when I was 13. I tell most people that I was 14 at least because the math adds up but she was born November 22nd, and my birthday is December 6th, so the lie is not that big. I know what you’re thinking already…. And no I wasn’t a slut, and I wasn’t raped, and no one abused me and made me want a child so I had someone to love me. I had a mishap with birth control because we often forget that it is 98% effective against pregnancy not 100%. Does not seem like much, but it is. Me and my ex were both virgins and I got pregnant the first time.

I was just a stupid teen making all the wrong decisions for myself in spite of what people warned me about, you know the typical teen, and my mother told me that if I was going to make an adult decision like this, I was going to live with the consequences of my actions. And I did. But I didn’t think that my life was over, just different. Yeah, I missed a lot of things like prom but we all have seen the show and heard the sob story from all the shows about missing so many immature childish things we cherish as teens, and that is not why I am writing this. I don’t want to give you another sob story.

I just want people to think before the instantly make an assumption about someone, before they instantly start trying to scare someone into believing that there life is over, they will not amount to be anything, and they are giving up everything. Maybe if we weren’t instantly mean and judgmental we could actually help some of these lost teens.

People were awful when I was pregnant they always looked at me like I was a trashy. At school was the worst of it because you know how mean other teens can be, they just say whatever comes into their minds. They all judge like they would never be in that situation but they have been, if they had sex they are setting themselves up for that situation. The only difference between me and all the other girls was that my secret sexual life was bulging out of the bottom of my shirt for everyone to point at and talk about. Yes, I see there is a large epidemic going around of pregnant teens but there has to be a better reason then they just did it because it was the cool thing to do. Not all of our teenagers can be that stupid. There has to be a bigger reason. And besides that everyone is different and you don’t know there story so there is no point in judging them right off the bat.

Judgmental Much?

This is just my opinion though I could be wrong, but I am living proof that you can have a baby at a ridiculously young age and overcome the hardship of life and if you work hard enough things can happen for you still. You will be young enough to have the energy to run around with your kid and your child will be old enough to remember the vacations and trips that you go on because by the time you are established they are old enough to join you on those fun adventures and it’s not a hassle, like when you are trying to bring a toddler or an infant with you. When you are old enough to retire and go back to focusing on your life because your child has grown up you and your kid will be practically the same age you guys can go party together LOL!!!  I just tried to look at the brighter side of things, it’s really all you can do when you are placed in a situation like that. If this is going to be the new trend and no one knows how to stop it, or why it is even happening, then we need to cope and adjust to it and find a better way to handle the situation. Not just scare girls into not getting pregnant, that obviously isn’t working the more we advertise the dangers the more teens rebel and get pregnant on purpose.

I can’t stand the way people are so cruel sometimes, even doctors would say things just to scare me telling me things like “you are going to have to have to learn how to take care of a premature baby because even if she is delivered on time, she most likely is going to be as big as a preme and have the same problems as a premature baby.”

My daughter was 8.4 pounds 19.6 inches long.

Halie A’marie

So whether it was a mean teen, or a dignified doctor, the reaction is the same, and the way they treat you is the same, I just think there has to be a better way to treat people even if they made a huge mistake. People act like teen moms are the scum of the earth, and our children are doomed. We can think of a way to be more understanding, and tolerant, try to educate (not scare) our kids before they get pregnant. Sex Ed is not enough, giving them free condoms is not enough, and scaring our current pregnant teens is not enough.

By advertising teen pregnancy I think we have already ruined our teens perception on what life is supposed to be like, but that does not mean that is too late to reeducate them and see if we can get them to look at things from another point of view. The only part of the Teen Mom Show that I find to be helping out our teens and the discussion they have  in the last 5 minutes of the show when they sit and explain what the reality shock was like when they found out how hard it really was to have a baby and how much they really had to give up. That is the only eye opening part that I feel all teens should look at it and go “WOW I don’t want to miss my prom!!” if nothing else these immature girls should at least realize all the fun stuff they aren’t going to be able to do anymore, it is more like being grounded and having to babysit for the next 18 years, instead of the white picket fence and 2.5 kids with prince charming and a dog, like playing house is so easy and fun.

You would think that a reality shock would do the trick but it seems like teens now a days are harder to break, unlike when I was a teen you could take my TV and I would do practically anything to get it back I didn’t like having things taken away from me but it seems like these kids just don’t care.

I guess the only reason I am writing this is to see if people can broaden the horizon and start to think from a different point of view. It takes a village to raise a child; it is going to take all of us to get these kids in line.

The Pregnancy Pact

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5 

Part 6

Part 7

 I thought this is a good movie to get conversation started with your kid, and also to enlighten parents on how there kids are really thinking…. and it is just a  good flick!

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I read a book called “Speak” it interested me because I can relate to not being the most popular girl in school, though I was never one of the girls that would do anything to become popular, I, just like many other girls, did want to know what it was like to be popular. After reading the first few pages I was hooked. I could relate to what she was going though in school with people not being too fond of her, and then things got real. She is invited to a party that normally would go on without her knowledge because she was not even cool enough to hear one was going on. Of course things start off well everyone is having a good time even the guy she crushes on is even showing her attention. Things take a turn for the worst when he gets her alone. After taking advantage of her she runs inside and calls 911, forgetting that there is a party going on with all of her schools coolest kids drinking underage.

You can see where I am going with this she is now not invisible because of her social status but she is now a common target of physical and mental abuse because she crashed the party. Knowing that everyone hates her she can’t bear to tell anyone that she called the police because she was raped, it is much easier for her to let them believe she was just a snitch. Even her parent don’t understand her strange behavior and she does not want them to make the situation known so she is alone with her own thoughts and fears, with no on to talk to.

They later made a movie based on the book starring “Kristen Stewart” you may know her from more popular movies like “Twilight”. I never pictured her being the star character for that movie but she played it off well, her natural awkwardness what just what the character needed. For a weird girl that is not bad looking but is a total outcast she can play that roll very well, like in the movie the “Runaways”.

I would say the book was very good and the movie portrayed the book well, so overall it was a good all the way around if you are into Lifetime movies with a moral at the end of every story and a somewhat tragic, yet uplifting ending.  It is very chick flick, teen movie drama but it is still a good flick.


You can watch the entire movie for free on YouTube in parts, it is worth the watch especially if you are unwilling to read the book.

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4 

 Part 5 

Part 6

Part 7 

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

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They Call That Entertainment????

The film industry has really gone to shit in the last few years, which is really disappointing since the special effects has gotten better you would think that the movie makers would really get to express their true imagination. I guess there are a few exceptions to my previous statement there are some breath taking scenes in some of the newer movies that took advantage of digital art. For example Avatar,  it was an ok movie I can’t stay it was horrible but the special effects were really good and if it was not for all the computer animated scenes in that movie it really would have been horrible. Or Transformers, I am usually not to fond of “remake” movies that have been done before and they feel they can improve on them with the digital technology we have now. But Transformers was a pretty good one, the special effects were good, story has been done a thousand times though…. the worlds in danger of being destroyed / taken over, and only one person can save us all. Highly played out but still nicely portrayed in that movie.

Older movies had a lot of potential because that was back the day where directors couldn’t rely on flashy lights and computers generated images to keep people entertained they really had to come up with something no one has ever done before, and tell the audience a story that they will never forget, a story that makes them think twice, a story people could relate to, or a story that made your heart melt.

Nowadays you are lucky to find a comedy movie that makes you laugh or a horror movie that makes you jump. All the scary movies are not scary any more just creepy and disgusting. Gore in a film does not make it horrifying it just makes it gross and we know it is far from real when someone barley hits their head on the counter and become decapitated and blood squirts 35 feet away from the body. If you are going to make a movie full of gore then at least have the decency to make it realistic.

Don’t get me wrong there have been a few creepy movies that were pretty good like “The Devil Inside”, very creepy I think there was even one point where I jumped once. It is movies like “The Human Centipede” (there is even a sequel to this horrifying, not horrifying in a good way, movie “The Human Centipede 2”) that really make me angry you just wasted and hour and half of your life that you will never get back watching some guy be disgusting with his deepest darkest thoughts. eeewww

One of the more dark directors/producers that actually know how to take his imagination and put in on the big screen… Tim Burton. I think that anyone can agree that even if you don’t like them all there is at least one Tim Burton film that you or your children love. He portrays a darker world view on things but it is not so far out there that it makes you uncomfortable to watch. I mean honestly I felt dirty after watching “The Human Centipede” at least Tim Burton’s idea of dark will still make you laugh along the way. Who has not seen:

 “Corpse Bride”

“James and the Giant Peach”

“The Nightmare before Christmas”

“Batman Returns”

“Edward Scissorhands”

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

“Sleepy Hallow”


All these movies were great movies that you could watch again and again, share them with friends and family, and save them in a collection for your kids (or maybe just your collection).

There are some good comedies but not many they keep trying to make really lame movies that have the same dick and fart jokes as the last one. I like very blunt humor when someone says what everyone else is thinking. But one thing I do not like is the punch line humor / slap stick whatever you want to call it, so the TV shows that have the fake canned laughter in background every time they say something remotely funny. Shows like Arrested Development or Community  are funny. Or if you want something more serious shows like Breaking Bad are great very suspenseful and you never know what I going to happen. Or you can always go for an oldie but goodie like Law and Order SVU.

There are very few good TV shows on any more either. I know a lot of people like this show by honestly who can really sit through an episode of Glee, When I get home from work I don’t really want to sit through an entire episode of singing, dancing, idiots, and though I have never watched a full show (only saw the TV commercials) how good can the story line be for a weekly TV show musical…honestly just the category it is in…. NUF SAID. I didn’t enjoy the commercials for High School Musical and that was only 20 seconds long I highly doubt I would enjoy 30 min of it in a glee episode.

I’m sure someone will try to read this and try to convince me of all the things I am missing on Glee and what a great show it really is and how everyone gives it a bad rap because the burst out into spontaneous song and dance throughout the show. And for that person I say this…. Can you honestly say that you can explain the plot from glee without sounding like a person trying to explain the details from the show Lost.


The show lost was so complex they had to have break through episodes to explain what is going on and why, as well as have bubbles pop up in some episodes with a side not letting the audience know what is happening. If you must have a caption under every scene explaining what they are doing and why as well as the history of blah blah blah…. Then it is not that good of a show to begin with. I am not saying all people are idiots and can’t follow along with a complex story line but I don’t want to give myself a migraine just trying to figure out a TV show. I also don’t want to have to purchase the guide to understanding lost book just so I can follow along with the show. I am dedicating 30-60 min of my life just so that I can watch this show that is all dedication I have to donate to a show.