A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….

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I have fallen in love with music again….

YouTube surfing has brought me many things and some I regret watching the second I turn it on and some I fall in complete love with. There has been a few surprising artists catch my attention that I think have tremendous talent and have not been publicized nearly as much as artists that will not be named… you all know who they are.

We have all been guilty of enjoying a teenybopper song here and there but honestly we weren’t blown away by your talent nor were we captured by the amazing heart-felt lyrics of your song, we just heard a catchy beat and the same phrase you kept repeating 10 times in 2 minutes, what did you expect??? Tell me anything 10 times in 2 minutes and I bet I will remember it. But don’t worry it happens to the best of us… I like the Maroon 5’s Payphone song so I am not one to judge someone else’s taste in music, but I will expose whomever pushes play on these videos to a whole new side of music.

These are songs you listen to 10 times and are still hearing new lines you like or can relate to, these  songs feel like they are being sung from the heart not just for a TV screen. Even if there are rumors they didn’t write the songs or produce them whatever I am not here to trash talk people showing their raw talent, I am here to help them show it off. 🙂

So even if you this is not the music you are used to listening to, give it a chance it might shock you how much you enjoyed it.

This girl reminds me of the 60’s so bad …

Lana Del Rey (Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) Facebook

Full Version (10 Min Video)

This girl Birdy is only 15 years old when she is singing these songs if you don’t the song… fine …. but I think that her voice is amazing for 15.

Passenger … another great that has not been appropriately recognized


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Can’t Believe it

There is actually some country songs that I think are worth sharing…. WHAT??!?! Didn’t I tell myself that I was not going to listen to some guy cry about his tractor, and his dog.

This guy is what i picture when I think of country music……


These songs I stumbled across on the van ride to and from work. Since I ride in a vanpool I don’t get to decide what is going to be played on the radio. Good beat, great voices, not to twangy, and lyrics are something that anyone that has ever had someone special can relate to. What could go wrong there.

I Promise I will not be posting a lot of county but these ones were totally worth the 2 seconds it takes to throw a blog together. 😉

Josh Turner – Time Is Love

Kenny Chesney – Come Over

…..The women’s bathing suit in this video is just too awesome….


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I think I’m Regressing

Ever since my boyfriend started taking the night shift it has been ridiculous trying to sleep alone at night. I feel like I toss and turn all night because I wake up with all the pillows all over the floor, and the blankets are twisted and hanging off the bed. I thought it would get easier after a while, I even bought a new pillow that is about the same size as me and still I feel like I get no rest in the bed without him there.

I am so tired today it is ridiculous, I feel like I haven’t slept at all, and to top it off it is a super slow day at work so there is not even a high pressure project to keep me awake. I contemplated finding a privacy room to fall asleep in but just my luck I would be caught and fired…. so I went and got a coffee instead.

I have been sleeping next to him for almost 7 years now how am I supposed to get used to sleeping alone?!?! I was thinking that getting to stretch out, finally not be pushed to the edge of the bed, or not being smashed when we rolls over would be enough to satisfy my need for comfy sleep. Unfortunately now I have become accustom to being smashed in my sleep. I even tried piling pillows on top of myself so I could replicate the smashing and nope… just couldn’t breathe and got over heated way to fast.

Every time he leaves when I am about to go to sleep I feel like a little kid that is trying to force their dad to stay home.

I have the whole kid persona down. I have the puckered lip out, the big sad eyes, and I even wine a little bit even though I know him leaving is inevitably going to happen. I would kick and scream but by the time the clock says 9:30 I only have enough strength to push my pillow around and huff and puff a little bit.

Oh well, we have to do what we have to do in order to finally get a house. Though we are practically living in a house now it is not nearly as big as I would like for as many people live there. So once we are walking through the doors of our new house and he is all done with all this night shift crap and he can find a new job or a new shift it will all be worth it, but until then I guess I will have to regress to the prime age of 4 and squeal every time I see him leave or snuggle him when I come home from work and he is still asleep. I just have to take advantage of the little time that we do get to spend together.

If I wasn’t clingy before I sure am now. Every time we are just sitting around next to each other I find myself just trying to touch him anywhere I can, grabbing the little arm of his shirt, scratch his back, pinch or poke… its doesn’t matter to me. When he finally asked me what I was doing I told him, “just tying to get some physical attention while I can!”

Well so far my only coping mechanism I have found is every morning when I have to get ready alone I listen to the same song, it almost makes me want to cry but it is just want I need to hear at that moment so it evens out. (and for the record I haven’t cried yet!)

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Hurry Up and Wait

Life seems to be one big “hurry up and wait” game. Hurry up and go to school so you can graduate and wait for a job. Hurry up and get a good job and wait to retire. Even when you retire it’s the hurry up and retire game, so you can wait to spend all your money.

Never does the saying go, “hurry up so you can enjoy”. Everyone wants to just hurry up and get through everything, when in reality they are hurrying through their life, and waiting to die.

Even I find myself from time to time hurrying through something to get me absolutely nowhere. At work I have tried hurrying through the day just so I can wait for my van… Now where did that really get me? At the end of the day I was going to have to wait for the van anyways mo matter how fast I completed my work.

All I’m saying is, if life is the only game that we are to play here, wouldn’t you want to take your time so you might have a better chance of winning? Because no ones gets out of the game of life alive, the objective of the game is not to live or die it is to enjoy, have fun, and embrace the best moments, and hang on to the memories.

Little things in life we take so seriously, but life itself we pass off as a joke. If I gave you a poster and said you only get one shot to color this poster, you would take as much time as you needed to make that poster perfection. Yet in our own daily lives we color outside the lines as if we could just by a new poster or erase our mistakes.

Even though a life can never be perfection, that isn’t a reason to not to strive for it. Because when we see that poster we have to color it crosses our mind that we might make a mistake, but that never stops us from picking up the crayons and living.