A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….

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Little Smiles

I haven’t written anything in a while and if you read my last post “Lost Time” you would have a pretty good idea as to why.

Time seems to be slipping by me these days, rushing through the week just to get to the weekend and of course with the famous saying ” time flies when you’re having fun” so the weekends seem to just fly by too. Before I know it I am half way through the year and already planning for winter events.

Nonetheless there are times when “time” seems to slow down and I have a second  or two to just “smell the roses” if you will.

There are moments when I am with my significant other where I find myself with a “little smile” like I am laughing at my own inside joke. Just the little things like when we go to sleep and we perfectly form to one another and drift off, I am drifting with a little smile.

Or the moment when I walk through the door after a long day and I burst through the door and throw myself on the bed for some much-needed relief and he tells me to come over and sit next to him at our desk. A little smile comes over me because I know he wants me close to him.

When we finish each other sentence almost without even speaking decodable words just babble and grunts and somehow we honestly know exactly what the other is trying to say.

The moment when something happens to me and I want to tell the world … I reach for my phone and the only number I really want to call is his. Telling him is like telling the world to me because he is my world. He is the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to bed.

It’s these little things in my life that I truly appreciate and try to never take advantage of. One of the things that I do to try to not take advantage of the person willing to put up with my crazy ass is always saying I love you.

Even when your mad and you have been fighting all day, you better believe that before I go to bed that night I am saying I love you. Before you leave the house either in rage from a fight, or just to go to the corner store I am saying I love you. Just for the simple fact that we are not guaranteed tomorrow and no matter what you did to piss me off that day, nothing would supersedes the overwhelming emotions I would feel if I didn’t say anything and something happened. I am not going to be left alone to sing Katy Perry’s “The One that Got Away.

Well I probably sound like a school girl crushing on her high school obsession, but we have been together for almost 8 years and it just amazes me sometimes how much we still can stand each other.

I think that is what happens when you grow WITH someone and become the person you are WITH them. Because people change constantly, you can’t find the perfect person and say I will only love them as long as they stay like this forever. (not talking about looks because that will obviously change) I think if you can find someone you can grow with and change with then you have found love.

The number one excuse I hear from couples is “he changed” or she changed” but that is expected of any person. You don’t just stop maturing once you have succeeded in finding a mate. You have to be willing to love that person no matter who they want to be that day. That’s love. I found it so I know what I’m talking about. I just wanted share because I think he is the guy that all the girls are looking for and he is mine. I feel like that’s just something that needed to be shouted from the rooftops, but since I can’t get on the roof my blog will have to do.

He has dedicated a few songs to me but this one is one from me to him ❤

Ed Sheeran- “Lego House”


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Young Guns

These guys are just amazing I heard one song then searched them on YouTube and watched all there videos, and fell in love with almost all of them. It all started with “Bones” heard it on the radio and now I’m hooked. They don’t have nearly the amount of views they deserve on YouTube.


Down under the night sky
I lay in wait
Praying to whoever will listen to me.
I’d fashioned my own cross,
Been crushed by it’s weight
There’s no stronger message
Then dirt in your face.

I’ve seen down the end of the road
Now i deal in a different story, oh
And i will never go back again
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones
I’ll do this on my own. (o-o-oh bones, bones o-oh)

They say the spirit’s willing
But the flesh is always weak
Well I found everything i needed right beneath my skin -oh

I’ve seen down the end of the road
Now i deal in a different story, oh
And i will never go back again
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones
I’ll do this on my own.

The list of hits just go on from there



Every hour is a season
Every minute lasts a day
So I sit here picking stitches
I find comfort in decay
How I long to fill my lungs

So tell me how does it feel to,
Breathe air cold and clean
‘Cause I’ve been living on my knees since I was seventeen
Thought I was safe beneath the smoke,
But even under cover I still choke

Well my wings were clipped and even if they weren’t
(Even if they weren’t)
I’ve not the guts to fly and leave behind the Earth
(Leave behind the Earth)
There’s no poetry in my soul,
(Poetry, in my soul)
Just a list of lies I’ve told,
(There’s just lies, that I’ve told)
And I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.

Well my wings were clipped and even if they weren’t
(Even if they weren’t)
I’ve not the guts to fly and leave behind the earth
(Leave behind the Earth)

Weight of the World

A continent of doubt weighs heavy on mind,
How long can my brittle bones bend,
Before they yield and snap?

I don’t wanna know, ’cause I’m so scared,
It’s not gonna get easier than this,
Because it’s too much to bare my darlin’, the weight of the world,
And I would carry it for you,
But please don’t ask me to because the
Weight of the world is a burden I can’t bare.
Is a burden I can’t bare.

Maybe it’s gravity, that pulls her to my chest,
Not the fear that she is the source of what little strength I’ve got left,

I don’t wanna know, ’cause I’m so scared,
It’s not gonna get easier than this
Because it’s too much to bare my darlin’, the weight of the world,
I would carry it for you,
But please don’t ask me to because the
Weight of the world is a burden I can’t bare.

My horizon lies a jagged line,
Ooh I can clearly see,
The mountains that I’ve yet to climb,
I’ll get there if it kills me.

Learn my Lesson


I am a wavering candle light
I remain but I’m ever slight
Through all my years
I sit
In my room in the fading light
Righting back all my wrongs tonight
‘Cause I’m still here

Boarded up all the doors
And I swallowed all the keys
I’m still haunted by
All the things I’ll never be

To live
Is to learn
Oh the heart’s a heavy burden
So I take (I take)
I don’t wait (don’t wait)
Nothing ever is for certain
And I hold my hands up high
On my knees tonight
I’ll take
Won’t wait
I will live and learn my lesson here tonight

Never knew it could be so cold
But I burnt all the things I used to hold so dear
Still I fight (I fight)
With my pen in my hand held tight (held high)
Writing protest songs tonight
‘Cause I’m still here

Boarded up all the doors
And I swallowed all the keys
I’m still haunted by
All the things I’ll never be

To live
Is to learn
Oh the heart’s a heavy burden
So I take (I take)
I don’t wait (don’t wait)
Nothing ever is for certain
And I hold my hands up high
On my knees tonight
I’ll take
Won’t wait
I will live and learn my lesson here tonight
Woah, woah

I’ll get off my knees and fight
Kick down the doors let in the light tonight

To live
Is to learn
Oh the heart’s a heavy burden
So I take (I take)
I don’t wait (don’t wait)
Nothing ever is for certain
And I hold my hands up high
On my knees tonight
I’ll take
Won’t wait
I will live and learn my lesson here tonight
Woah, woah

I will live and learn my lesson

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I have fallen in love with music again….

YouTube surfing has brought me many things and some I regret watching the second I turn it on and some I fall in complete love with. There has been a few surprising artists catch my attention that I think have tremendous talent and have not been publicized nearly as much as artists that will not be named… you all know who they are.

We have all been guilty of enjoying a teenybopper song here and there but honestly we weren’t blown away by your talent nor were we captured by the amazing heart-felt lyrics of your song, we just heard a catchy beat and the same phrase you kept repeating 10 times in 2 minutes, what did you expect??? Tell me anything 10 times in 2 minutes and I bet I will remember it. But don’t worry it happens to the best of us… I like the Maroon 5’s Payphone song so I am not one to judge someone else’s taste in music, but I will expose whomever pushes play on these videos to a whole new side of music.

These are songs you listen to 10 times and are still hearing new lines you like or can relate to, these  songs feel like they are being sung from the heart not just for a TV screen. Even if there are rumors they didn’t write the songs or produce them whatever I am not here to trash talk people showing their raw talent, I am here to help them show it off. 🙂

So even if you this is not the music you are used to listening to, give it a chance it might shock you how much you enjoyed it.

This girl reminds me of the 60’s so bad …

Lana Del Rey (Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) Facebook

Full Version (10 Min Video)

This girl Birdy is only 15 years old when she is singing these songs if you don’t the song… fine …. but I think that her voice is amazing for 15.

Passenger … another great that has not been appropriately recognized

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Best Underplayed & Worst Overplayed Songs on YouTube

After looking at some of the videos on YouTube trying to find some new music to listen to, I started looking in the “most popular” categories and “most viewed” categories and after a few really bad songs like “Gangnam Style”  I realized that my faith in humanity was slowly diminishing, the more YouTube suggested that I might like this. In case you are not familiar with this huge fail song here it is….. Don’t say I didn’t warn you of the lameness.

Which has 264,422,519 views and he is not even speaking in English.

The only way this is acceptable is if it were a parody.

I think there is some really good music out there that is not being heard because we get crap like this leaked into our ears getting stuck in our heads and tainting our ideas of what “music” really is.

I remember back in the good old days when music had to make since it also had to have some sort of meaning, something that the audience can relate to and sing along to with raw emotion.

I will admit not all the songs I listen to have the deepest meaning I listen to them because they have a good beat but it is still by an artist that is not completely worthless in their song writing abilities.

There is a bad that I recently came across and was astonished by the small amount of people who had listen to him. I was also surprised to see that almost everyone that had clicked on him to view him liked what they heard.

Passenger – Let her go (only 224,911 views as of 9/24/12)


“Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it’s starts to snow
Only know your lover when you let her go

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missin’ home
Only know your lover when you’ve let her go…
And you let her go”

Now I may not be into all the brits music but this guys has a peaceful beautiful voice that just makes you want to keep listening. I can’t believe someone like this with all that natural talent has not completely blown up but someone like Nicki Minaj can get millions of records sold… because of what… just a catchy beat, because the lyrics are not something to be proud of.

Example of all the ridiculousness:

Nicki’s Lyrics to “Super Bass” (280,066,357 Views on YouTube)

“He got that super bass

Boom, Badoom, Boom,

Boom, Badoom, Boom, bass

yeah that’s that super bass”

Yes she made millions on not even saying real words.

Justin Bieber’s  “Baby” (781,726,935 Views on YouTube)

“And I was like
Baby, baby, baby ooh
Baby, baby, baby noo
Baby, baby, baby ohh
I thought you’d always be mine (mine)
Baby, baby, baby ohh
Baby, baby, baby noo
Baby, baby, baby ohh
I thought you’d always be mine (mine)”

Yes, he said “baby” 18 times in one chorus. And Yes it is also the most viewed video on YouTube. 

That’s all it takes to make millions of dollars now a days. At least people have come to their scenes and now he has over 2 million dislikes on the song but that’s still no excuse for there to be almost a billion hits on YouTube for it. When you see that it’s defiantly one of those “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” kind of times.

I also heard some of Flyleaf’s new songs and became very fond of one of them….

Flyleaf – New Horizon (2012)

While I was listening to her new music I found some of the older stuff I liked too

Flyleaf – Missing 2010
Flyleaf – Sorrow 2008

Another band that is not the most popular has released a new song that I think is pretty catchy not too strangely worded and its something with a beat and a decent voice whats could go wrong. 😉

Civil Twilight – River (2012)

I’m just saying we might need to start getting off the radio buzz and the Google+ “Trending Topics” and go digging for artists that are really artists. We don’t need to be tricked and brainwashed by our TV and radio to listen to Justin Bieber.

I hope I have exposed you to a few songs you might not have heard before and might like, or maybe you hated it but it got you thinking about just exploring some new stuff. Good luck on your YouTube adventures.

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Inspirational Songs To Help Get Through The Day

Everyone needs a little pick me up every once in a while. I may not like all of these artist songs but these ones had lyrics that i think just about anyone could relate to, so whether you into rock, rap, or pop, this list has something inspirational for you. 😉

Rap/ R&B 

Gym Class Heroes: The Fighter ft. Ryan Tedder

(As stated best in the first comment “….the definition of motivational music”

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars


Pink –F*cking Perfect

Katy Perry – Firework

Lady Gaga – Born That Way

Mariah Carey – Hero

LMAFO – Sexy and I Know It

Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

Rock/ Alternative 

Rise Against – Make it Stop (September Children)

Rise Against – Satellite


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Hurry Up and Wait

Life seems to be one big “hurry up and wait” game. Hurry up and go to school so you can graduate and wait for a job. Hurry up and get a good job and wait to retire. Even when you retire it’s the hurry up and retire game, so you can wait to spend all your money.

Never does the saying go, “hurry up so you can enjoy”. Everyone wants to just hurry up and get through everything, when in reality they are hurrying through their life, and waiting to die.

Even I find myself from time to time hurrying through something to get me absolutely nowhere. At work I have tried hurrying through the day just so I can wait for my van… Now where did that really get me? At the end of the day I was going to have to wait for the van anyways mo matter how fast I completed my work.

All I’m saying is, if life is the only game that we are to play here, wouldn’t you want to take your time so you might have a better chance of winning? Because no ones gets out of the game of life alive, the objective of the game is not to live or die it is to enjoy, have fun, and embrace the best moments, and hang on to the memories.

Little things in life we take so seriously, but life itself we pass off as a joke. If I gave you a poster and said you only get one shot to color this poster, you would take as much time as you needed to make that poster perfection. Yet in our own daily lives we color outside the lines as if we could just by a new poster or erase our mistakes.

Even though a life can never be perfection, that isn’t a reason to not to strive for it. Because when we see that poster we have to color it crosses our mind that we might make a mistake, but that never stops us from picking up the crayons and living.

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Some Catchy Alternative Rock

Another one of those catchy songs that you cant get out of your head, can’t stop singing down the hall, and can’t stop repeat playing on YouTube 

Blue October- The Chills

Something a little more laid back but still very catchy

3 Doors Down – Every Time You Go

This one is much more upbeat sounds a little 80’s but still catchy as always

Hinder – All American Nightmare

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The Fad

I know everyone is sick to death of asking or hearing this question but I have to ask…. What is up with this Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus obsession. Can people honestly look at themselves in the mirror  with a straight face and like their music?!?!?! I mean don’t get me wrong I am sure there is a market for maybe like 10-13 year old girls but there are not 700,000,000 girls ages 10-13 with access to internet , and like those artist. Now I am not trying to offend the people who gave J-bebs a cup of their blood but let be real who is seriously driving down the road singing Justin Beiber’s “Baby” song and sippin on their coffee???

Baby… Baby ….. Baby…..

I’m not one of those people who only listens to one kind of music and hates everything else, I listen to a wide range of music Alternative, Classic, and Punk Rock, Pop, Metal, R&B, Reggae, Rap, and even a few country songs (not to into the really twangy stuff).

Here are some but not all of the artists I listen to:

Breaking Benjamin

A Day to Remember

A Perfect Circle

Bruno Mars

The Beatles

The White Stripes

Sum 41

Green Day



Linkin Park

Katy Perry









3 Doors Down

Three Days Grace

30 Seconds to Mars

Bob Marley

Killswitch Engage

 So you can see that I have a wide range of different people not all of them are the most popular bands and I am sure some of them have been made fun of with the same kind of intensity as Justin. Maybe I don’t get it and they are just way over my head, or maybe I have turned into my parents and I now hate all new music because it’s for the kids and all I hear is noise. I totally get having a stupid song stuck in your head but these guys are on the top charts. People can’t honestly tell me that there finger slipped and they clicked the wrong thing over a million times, or it got stuck in your head and you just had to listen to it once.

Nope. I don’t believe it. Don’t give me your excuses just tell me that we aren’t going to do it anymore. Please tell me this will be the last generation of crazy singers that make no sense and kinda scare us sometimes.

Hope this is the end of the fads…. if we are lucky everyone become hipsters and there will no longer be a “mainstream”….. I know I am thinking the same thing “and that’s if we are lucky?”

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Damn them Catchy Tunes

I haven’t really listen to the radio in a while because I always hate when they play a song you really like 10,000 times so you no longer want to hear it and hate the song.

Thanks to all the years I did listen to the radio and YouTube I have a nice little collection of music that I like but I am always looking to expand my collection. I like lots of genres of music and I am open to anything that has a good beat and relatable lyrics.

Although I have been sucked into the trends and have found myself listening to stuff that I swore to myself I would never listen to. Now don’t the wrong idea about me I don’t just listen to what ever is on the top charts because I have been recently disappointed in all humanity for what they have decided is going to be the top charts.

The amount of views on these things astonishes me, you couldn’t get that many people to click on anything unless you were paying them for it.

I realized I hit a pretty far low when I found myself looking up Katy Perry on YouTube, because my style music is mostly alternative rock, classic rock, and a few slow R&B songs. Usually I never get into the teeny bopper pop stuff, but for some reason on YouTube I see all these millions of people are watching this so I had to give it a try. I ended up liking a few of her songs like Firework, Thinking of You, The One That Got Away, and recently Wide Awake. But was I liking these songs because this the kind of music I really liked or was it because it was ridiculously catchy and get stuck in your head for days. I am not really that into the whole Dub-step era that is going around most of it sounds like robots dying in the background. We deal with what we have though right.

I know I am not the only one that has had this problem……

Your driving to work and you hear a song on the radio you tell yourself, “what a stupid song, who would listen to that…. it does not even make sense…”
Not even a few hours later you’re sitting at your desk, or walking down a hall, or stuck in an elevator alone. And guess what you’re humming…. that ridiculous damn song that you heard that morning on the radio.
You remembering hearing some urban legend that says if you listen to the song it will no longer be stuck in your head… sounds legit.
Guess what now you’ve got the damn thing on repeat and its been added to your playlist you only play when you’re in that weird mood.

If that never happened to you you’re in denial and you have a hidden playlist somewhere filled with Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus…. I have never stooped that low and I never will. I don’t care how catchy everyone else thinks that is that is just not for me. Another example of the horrible taste of America’s music is Nicki Minaj, who in their right mind is walking around singing about bees in a trap??? Furthermore I don’t know how they ever made it on the top charts anyways. I will stop ranting about the embarrassing teeny boppers of my generation. I am sure there are some adults that hold an old song of Brittney spears or tried to listen to J-Bebs but you know what… that is an avenue I will never go down.

Anyways here are some songs that I thought I would never like until I found myself humming them….

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

Maroon 5 – Payphone & Moves Like Jagger & She Will Be Loved

Coldplay – Paradise

Bruno Mars – Lighters [ Solo Version ] (only his part gets stuck in your head anyways right … admit it)

LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It (just because if you watch the video it become pretty memorable.)