A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….

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The Fad

I know everyone is sick to death of asking or hearing this question but I have to ask…. What is up with this Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus obsession. Can people honestly look at themselves in the mirror  with a straight face and like their music?!?!?! I mean don’t get me wrong I am sure there is a market for maybe like 10-13 year old girls but there are not 700,000,000 girls ages 10-13 with access to internet , and like those artist. Now I am not trying to offend the people who gave J-bebs a cup of their blood but let be real who is seriously driving down the road singing Justin Beiber’s “Baby” song and sippin on their coffee???

Baby… Baby ….. Baby…..

I’m not one of those people who only listens to one kind of music and hates everything else, I listen to a wide range of music Alternative, Classic, and Punk Rock, Pop, Metal, R&B, Reggae, Rap, and even a few country songs (not to into the really twangy stuff).

Here are some but not all of the artists I listen to:

Breaking Benjamin

A Day to Remember

A Perfect Circle

Bruno Mars

The Beatles

The White Stripes

Sum 41

Green Day



Linkin Park

Katy Perry









3 Doors Down

Three Days Grace

30 Seconds to Mars

Bob Marley

Killswitch Engage

 So you can see that I have a wide range of different people not all of them are the most popular bands and I am sure some of them have been made fun of with the same kind of intensity as Justin. Maybe I don’t get it and they are just way over my head, or maybe I have turned into my parents and I now hate all new music because it’s for the kids and all I hear is noise. I totally get having a stupid song stuck in your head but these guys are on the top charts. People can’t honestly tell me that there finger slipped and they clicked the wrong thing over a million times, or it got stuck in your head and you just had to listen to it once.

Nope. I don’t believe it. Don’t give me your excuses just tell me that we aren’t going to do it anymore. Please tell me this will be the last generation of crazy singers that make no sense and kinda scare us sometimes.

Hope this is the end of the fads…. if we are lucky everyone become hipsters and there will no longer be a “mainstream”….. I know I am thinking the same thing “and that’s if we are lucky?”


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My First Concert

Well we went to a concert in Kent, WA to see one of me and my boyfriends favorite bands, Rise Against. We took his little sister because she was into the other band that was opening for them “A Day to Remember” I had heard of them but I really never listen to anything except the one popular song “Have Faith in Me” but I like the main vocalist voice a lot so i figured they should be good. Turns out “A Day to Remember” was better then the main band!!! I guess “Rise Against” had been all over the place touring and playing back to back shows for the past 2 weeks straight before they played for us so it was understandable that he sounded a little raspy. It was fun I bought a beer and we had seats so we didn’t have to stand in the crowd of sweat so that was really nice. The thing about “A day to remember” is they really put on a show and keep the crowd interested and entertained. rise has better lyrics and a better voice (when he is well rested) and I still had a better time when A Day to Remember was on stage… I have my new fave band lol. I bought a hoodie (Front / Back) from there I love it. My boyfriend got the Rise Against shirt and it is not his favorite shirt ever. 🙂 Over all had a great time there and would defiantly have to say that my first concert was a complete success!! Cant wait to go to the next one. I was thinking about Nickelback and Seether and Bush Concert coming up.  We shall see……