A New Chapter

Life really does play out in chapters….

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First Friday Alone

So my work schedule is worked out so that I get every other Friday off. Usually my hubby is here with me because he only recently started working, and today is the first day in a long time that I am the one at home and he is the one gone at work. I love having someone to come home to and vent about my day, good or bad, I enjoy being able to just talk to someone about everything I can’t say out loud at work. 😉

Now I remember the extreme boredom I had when I stayed home before. When he got an internship while we lived in California and I hadn’t started school yet, I was home 24/7.

Don’t get me wrong I sit around like a slob I do the house work, but still just not having someone to share your day with while you’re having it, when you are used to telling them everything pops into your head is just weird for me.

I guess I just have gotten to use to consistent company, it is nice when you are watching a show and you find something funny and you both laugh, or you see a funny picture online and you want to tell someone to make them laugh too I always think of him, not just because I can just nudge him and say look because he is sitting next to me, just because I like sharing everything with him. Just posting stuff to Facebook or Twitter might hold me over for now I guess but I gotta say I really like having some next to me, it’s a lot better in my opinion.

Oh well only about 5 more hours for me to wait for him to get back, house is clean, everyone is asleep so I guess I will have to read some blogs to keep myself occupied for a while. So get ready all you bloggers out there you’re getting a “comment” or a “like” outta me today.


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If It’s So Much Fun, Why Don’t You Do It?!?!?

Well thank god it is Saturday I do have to say that I love my job but I can’t stand being here!!! Something about being behind a desk just makes you insane. I am a computer person don’t get me wrong I can spend a weekend on the computer and be completely satisfied, and having a good time, but stick me on a computer behind a desk at work…. it will slowly drive you insane. You find yourself looking at the clock all the time on your work computer, but as soon as you get home you could easily lose 4 hours on Memebase or Stumbleupon.

Now, you would think that since I am on a computer all day, that once I get home I would not want to be on one. Well you would be wrong. I want to be on the computer even more just so I can finally do what I want to do, like Facebook, Twitter, Miniclips, all the fun stuff I can’t do at work even though I am on a computer.

One thing that drives me nuts is when you have a bad day at work or you wake up in the morning and you don’t really want to be awake at 4am and so you complain a little on your Facebook or your Twitter just to vent… Don’t you just hate when someone goes on and decides they are going to comment on your status and let you know that you are blessed to have to wake up every morning and go to work….. these people obviously don’t work….or they are a part of the small percentage of us that wake up at the crack of dawn with enthusiasm.

I appreciate my job and all the money that I get from it, so I can go out and enjoy some of the material things in life, we all do, but no one wants to be alive for any reason at 4am unless you are some sort of masochist. I  have always loved sleep, we all need it… but I yearn for it. I would live in my bed forever if I could, being surrounded by my pillows and blankies, like I am in a pillow fortress.

They get it ….

Community: Season 3, Episode 14
Pillows and Blankets

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Social Networking Sites

I have almost got these social networking sites figured out since I have signed up for almost all of them at least once just to see what all the fuss was all about. I started kinda late in the game I guess some people might say because I am sure there was something out before this but I started with Myspace. I soon realized (after spending hours customizing my website) that this place was meant for girls with low self esteem and/or parents that are computer illiterate, to post immature/inappropriate pictures of there still maturing bodies. So it didn’t take me long to figure out that wasn’t the place for me. I soon moved on to Facebook, but on the way I stopped off and signed up for Frienster which I found is for old people that mispronounced Facebook and signed up for the wrong site and made friends with people that looked kinda like the person they were looking for. I also signed up with Twitter and I soon realized that you can only write so much and it is mostly for information and news for me so I can get a minute-by-minute updates on the traffic accidents and my anonymous news.

I have stayed strong to Facebook, it is hard to find a competitor for it now since it is the mother-ship of all networking sites. I don’t mind Facebook because most people still use it for its intended purpose, to reconnect with old friends, and keep relatives that live far away in touch.

Just recently I signed up for Google+ I loved it for about 2 seconds until I realized the people that are on it. There aren’t any. Well there are some Geeks, Arabians and Egyptian guys, but that’s about it I joined a hang out just to see what that was and it was all guys one girl came on (other then me) and they all freaked out started screaming “OMG THERE IS A GIRL HERE” …. that was enough for me. Later since I signed up for “Hangouts” some random person tried to hangout with me back and my computer started ringing, my phone started ringing (both just so happened to be at full volume) and I could not figure out how to decline my phone and the computer in the chaos. After that discombobulating incident I became not so fond of the Google+. Then I discovered miniclips pool is on it….. now i am invisible on the chat and i play pool like a boss.